Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain BIT it last night...

OK...Wow...So the debate last night. Of course I had to watch. All I can say is, Well, "My Friends," I have a lot of "Hero's."

Seriously McCain, you are about as dumb as your running mate (SEE BELOW LINKS) and the current president!!! And what is up with answering a question with "Maybe"???? Tom Brokaw, the moderator said, "MAYBE????" in response to McCain's stupid answer. OMG...I sooooo want to know how many times he said "My Friends." There has GOT to be a tally out there somewhere and I will find it.

And the "Hero's" remarks...what is up with all his freaking Hero's?!?!?! Every politician or armed forces general is his "Hero." Ohhhh and one more thing....Who refers to another person as "That one"????? Yeah, McCain referred to Obama as "That one." BIT it last night and came off as being RUDE!!!!

McCain's Running Mate:


$1,516,000,000,000 = TOTAL amount of US Tax Payer dollars this wonderful government has spent on this stupid wall Street Bailout package.

$816,000,000,000 (Bear Stearns, Fannie and Freddie, and AIG) + $700,000,000,000 (Buying up bad debts for wall street banks) = $1,516,000,000,000

And YET, even with all this money injected into the system, the DJIA continues to drop to around 9000 points, a figure it has not been at since the 90's. Looks like the bailout is working OH SO WELL!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Reminder... more thing:

This bailout bill they agreed to on Friday has got to be the worst piece of public policy ever passed by congress. The next time the republicans and democrats tell us they don't have any money for infrastructure, schools, health care, etc, they need a freaking reminder!!!!!

They bail out wall street millionaires and tell ordinary people to make it on there own. BULLSHIT!!!

UNBELIEVABLE!!! That bailout bill is working soooooo well, isn't it??

OK….what have I been saying all along? Yeah…this economy is just going to keep getting bad bad bad! So that bailout plan was supposed to fix the financial crisis. Well, let’s look at today’s markets. The DJIA dropped more than it did the day the bailout plan was rejected, but it gained half of today’s lost value to end at 9950. People!!!! We are below the 10,000 mark!!! We have lost 30% of the value in the DJIA in a YEAR!!! What did financial expertss say…”you are practically guaranteed a 5% increase each year.” HELLO!!! MINUS THIRTY percent DECREASE in a year!!!!! This current administration has just made WAY too many poor poor poor decisions. George W. is a fucking DUMBASS!!!

I still do not know why the hell they passed that bill either. So, the original bill was $700B, right? Well, they just passed it Friday with that $700B, PLUS $150B in tax breaks for big corporations and SHIT. There is one thing in the bill that calls for MILLIONS of $ for some company that makes guitars or some stupid shit. UNBIEVABLE!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bail Out Plan is a JOKE!!!!!

So, I just got off a phone conversation with a politician friend of mine who is a high-level staffer for a local congressman. I asked him what this whole “Bail out Plan” means. He has spent the last 2 ½ - 3 days analyzing this bill for his congressman boss and says if everyone actually knew what this thing really said, they would be even more furious.

Apparently, your politicians (if they have actually read it) are astonished in how the Bush Administration actually presented this bill. The Bill the Bush Administration actually presented to congress was only SEVEN pages long AND it literally said that Paulson and Bernanke have full control over where to distribute, what to use the money for, and stated that there would be absolutely no oversight from anyone. This is for the $700 Billion that is currently in deliberation and does not include the $700 BILLION to over $1 TRILLION they have already spent on Bear Stearns and the takeovers of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and American International Group Inc. This is a total of $1.4 to $2 TRILLION for bailing out huge firms that are the ones that took the risk. You and I didn’t take that risk, those companies did.

Apparently, our entire congress has become very wise in how this administration likes to do things. They have realized that the administration likes to scare everyone into doing things quick/without analysis and want things done NOW. Take the funding for this endless war…“we need it now…it is an emergency.” This financial thing is the same…“this is an emergency…the economy will fail unless we get this money quickly.” And again, as with the war, there are NO guarantees for financial success if this money is given to these companies.

My friend said both democrats and republicans alike are furious because the administration wants it done so quickly. Both sides have said, “No. All through this administration, you have told us we need it done, and need it done now, but no…we need provisions and we are going to work this through.” He went on to tell me that it was either today or yesterday that Dick Cheney came into the deliberation meetings and the republicans were irate with him and his administration for doing this and actually made him leave the room. They were upset because they are up for re-election and this affects them and they can not believe the administration put them into this kind of predicament.

Oh yeah, another good point that I need to make about what this proposed bail out bill states. So we have all heard that is proposed plan is basically a blank check. Now, when I heard this, I figured that blank check meant that the government would write a check to these huge corporations and would in turn take control over all these bad loans. Oh NO NO NO…this bill, as it was proposed, said the government would write a check for all the bad loans, BUT the huge firms who made the loans would still collect on them (not the government). So, in essence the government [or you and I as taxpayers] would come up with this money, give it to these companies, and they can still collect on the loans. For example, let’s say the government writes a check for $700B, these companies collect $600B of the bad loans the government already paid for. They are not still $100B in the red/hole because WE ALREADY GAVE THEM THE MONEY. They are actually $600B POSITIVE because the bill, as proposed, states they do not have to pay it back! He said if everyone in the country knew what this bill actually said, the whole country would be more irate than they already are.

I asked him about health care and why they [Bush Administration] can suddenly come up with $1 to $2 Trillion to bail out the rich in Wall Street, but cannot come up with enough money to provide affordable healthcare to every man, woman, and child in the US. He said, good point, and he proceeded to ask if I knew that if the government were to cover every man, woman, and child for healthcare that it would only cost $2 BILLION annually. I was astounded, I admitted, NO I had no idea. People, this is $2 BILLION not TRILLION like they are asking for now. I speak as though $2 Billion is not much, but in respect to the Wall Street Bail Outs, it IS cheap and every last one of us would not have to worry about having to pay a deductible every time we went to the doctor.

I just don’t get it!!!! Every person who invests in the stock markets knows they take a risk. I have money in Wall Street right now, but I know I took a risk on each dollar I put into it. Those banks knew also and should NOT be getting bailed out. There are other companies that would rise from the ashes if they were to fail. We need a huge correction and I think that now is the time. Let them fail!! Things always come back. Heck in 5 years the money in the stock market will likely be worth three times what it is today.

Now, realistically we all know that if the government doesn’t step in, things could get bad. I agree, but we definitely cannot have the bill passing as it is. We [American taxpayers / main street] need something in return. A bank does not lend out money without getting something in return, so why should we?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Seriously...they need to really think about things before they speak...

So yesterday I went home and helped insulate a shed at my parents place. OMG was it ever freaking hot up there. The interesting thing about this was that we were not insulating it for the first time, but rather re-insulating it after my sisters fiancé had already "attempted" do do it once. Wow...if I hired something done and it turned out like that I would make the person come back to redo it. Dad was not happy at all, but I think since it was my sisters fiancé, it would have been hard for him to make the guy come back. All that I could say when I saw the horrible job that had been done, was "incompetent!"

Later on we were eating and "60 Minutes" was on with an interview of John McCain. Dad was all excited. I don't remember what I said, but I know it was something that totally dissed McCain and Palin. Dad was like..."Oh I don't think so." So I went on, but really didn't get to say what I wanted as I was getting upset that he is such a supporter of McCain. I had to make myself leave. It is not like I walked out pissed off, but I rather excused myself politely, without the discussion had not just happened.

Anyway, I wanted to say this:
The only people who vote republican are afraid of 3 stupid things, that make for a very poor poor decision.
  1. Money/Taxes: OMG the democrats are going tax me more. Come-freaking-on!!!! Really do you think they are going to tax you out of your house, which more than likely you are already backwards on because of the republican administration that currently f'ed things up? Oh and I also did say this to Dad, "Do you think that, no matter who gets into office, taxes will stay the same?" Are you kidding me!!! They just put up $2 BILLION to bail these stupid fucking banks out. Who do you think is going to have to pay back that $2 BILLION? It is going to be you an I, TAXPAYERS! And how do you think they are going to have to do it? RAISE TAXES. Very good class!! It is like teaching a bunch of second graders how to count a dollar!
  2. Guns: OMG the democrats are going to take away my guns. All I have to say is....are you fucking kidding me people! Get REAL!!! If that was even proposed, there would be enormous upheaval and this country would be doomed!
    Family values/abortion: OK OK OK....this is a good one. Let's look at the stupid republicans that are currently running for president and vice president. Palin comes across as a perfect little housewife in a town of 6000 people. Really, lets REALLY analyze this!! Ok so Palin, who is the mother of 5. Looks all rosy on the outside doesn't it? Well, her 17 year old daughter dropped out of high school and has an illegitimate/bastard love child. Hummmmm let's think about this one...yeah I don't think that is what the majority of Americans what for their 17 year old children...High School Dropouts with bastard grandchildren. That is, unless you want to be considered total white trash! Now onto the other candidate. Yeah...McCain, now this is a good one too! So McCain goes to war, gets held as a POW. This is totally admirable and I give him a ton of credit for having to go through that. However, his wife is back in the US, gets in an accident and is severely injured. McCain comes back and actually meets a woman that is 13 years younger and is much prettier than his current wife. Oh yeah, and she is enormously wealthy. So he goes out and decides to file for a marriage license, but it is not in the state that HE IS STILL MARRIED IN!
  3. Family values? Not the family values I would want in my household...regarding both their situations. Oh yeah, and abortion...Are you kidding me!!!! It sounds like the catholic's have their hand in this one. The republicans might as well out-law contraceptives too. This is not 1930 anymore. Get real!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

10% INFLATION!!!!!

10% inflation was reported earlier this week. 10%!!!!!!! I can beleive it. Like I was saying in one of my previous entries...we are screwed!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I HATE fake/forwarded emails!!

I received this stupid email from my Dad who gets them from his brother. They ALWAYS forward emails, even if they are completely false! SO....I sent an email to everyone on the email. It was this....

From the desk of Brent Kelsey:

Per the above subject to the below forwarded email...I HAVE decided and here is the reasoning behind MY decision...

Maybe it is the part of me that likes to stir things up, but common people if we believed every email that popped into our inbox we would all be millionaires or we would have saved a million lives simply by hitting the "forward" button. I am speaking about the email from Bill Gates about "Email Tracking" that I am sure we all received at one point. It read, "We are experimenting with Beta Email Tracking and need your help. Forward this to everyone you know and if it reaches 1000 people everyone on the list you will receive $1000 and a copy of Windows at my expense."Or another example might be the little "Penny Brown - PLEASE LOOK AT PICTURE THEN FORWARD" email. Common folks, you have to admit this got some of you as I KNOW I received this one as well.

The only emails that I trust, and I feel that all of us should believe are ones that come DIRECTLY (written BY and not forwarded) from our friends and family. Lets put it this way...if I was really good friends with Bill Gates or Penny's family from the above examples I probably would have forwarded those emails.

Heck, for all any of us really know is that the person writing these emails is some 60 year old psychopath who lives in his parents basement and gets his jolly's off poking fun of, or falsely accusing politicians, trying to bankrupt executives, or falsely helping "fake," missing people all simply by grabbing hold of, and strangling millions of peoples emotions via one simple email.

OH...yeah....and I did find this this Obama email is ALSO a hoax ( To be 100% honest I would never have forwarded this even if it was true, but for the sake of this email I had to look it up. Everyone who enjoys forwarding these "please do this," "consider this," "don't do this," "do this," or "look at my picture before you delete this" emails you may want to add this website to your favorites list for future reference - "" It provides an excellent resource for searching for emails that are a waste of time before forwarding them.

Just wanted to tell it how it is and to share this wonderful resource ;-)

Have a great day!


P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

--------------FORWARDED EMAIL-------------
From: [] On Behalf Of Bill GaitherSent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 6:54 PMTo: Al KenolSubject: email from Afghanistan - forwarded

Hello everyone, As you know I am not a very political person. I just wanted to pass along that Senator Obama came to Bagram, Afghanistan for about an hour during his visit to 'The War Zone'. I wanted to share with you what happened. He got off the plane and got into a bullet proof vehicle, got to the area to meet with the Major General who is the commander here at Bagram. Soldiers where lined up to shake his hand but he blew them off and didn't say a word as he went into the conference room to meet the general. After he finished, vehicles took him and his entourage to the ClamShell (pretty much a big top tent where military personnel can play basketball or work out with weights) so he could take his publicity pictures playing basketball. He again shunned the opportunity to talk to soldiers and thank them for their service. So really he was just here to make a showing for Americans back home. I think that if you are going to make an effort to come all the way over here you would thank those that are providing the freedom you enjoy. I swear we got more thanks from NBA Basketball Players and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders than from one of the Senators who wants to be the President of the United States. I just don't understand how anyone would want him to be our Commander-and-Chief. It was almost like he was scared to be around those who secure freedom for him and our great country. If this is blunt and to the point I am sorry, but I wanted you all to know what kind of caliber of person he really is. What you see in the news is all fake. In service, Captain Jeffrey S. Porter Battle Captain TF Wasatch

Family Vacation at Breezy Point

I KNOW I am bad at updating this. This is actually from last week when I was on vacation. I wrote it and save it in MS Word since there was not interenet access.

I am on vacation with the family today. I actually started out the week in St. Cloud for work. We had an appraisal training session that lasted a couple of days and OMG was it boring!! I cannot believe how bored I was. Maybe I should have been paying a little more attention though, because today when I took the exam I felt retarded. I hope I did ok, but whatever.

Upon completion of the exam we were free to go home. Everyone else went home, but I drove another hour and a half north to Breezy Point Resort. I am not a good critic, but this place is great! Very nice, right on your own beach, a lot of things to do. We have cabins that are actually houses, and we have two. Each one is split into two separate cabins. Every year we [whole extended family] go on a little vacation and this was the choice this year. Grandma usually pays for it as she likes to get everyone together over her birthday. When I say everyone I mean everyone. It is the four families, the in-laws, all the cousins, the second cousins, the fiancé’s of my sisters….I mean everyone, but it is fun! I wish I had someone to bring, but again, whatever. ;-).

Today was a very leisurely day and I expect the next couple to be the same. During the day we all sat on the beach and went boating/tubing/skiing and then tonight we sat around the camp fire – and I might add that over the years our ring of people around the fire has gotten a lot larger – and we talked about everything from Karma to UFO’s. In fact I think we had five polls to everyone seated around the fire. 1) Do you believe in UFO’s or extra terrestrial life? 2) Do you believe in Ghost’s? 3) …Karma, 4) … destiny, 5) the best of all…Miller or Bud? But I guess what I am saying is, that it has been a great time so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the week.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I hope I am wrong, but this country is screwed

OK…seriously???? WTF is going on with this country’s Politicians? Hate is a very strong word and I do not like to use it, but this warrants it. I hate politics! I don’t like to say I am a Democrat or Republican. This just pisses me off about what the republicans have done. When $4 gas is basically sucking the life out of every person in this absolutely fantastic [said sarcastically] country the republicans go and do this shit.

So yesterday the democrats try to pass a bill that would tax the huge Big Oil profits. Obviously you have been living under a rock if you do not know what I am talking about. A quick catch-up - The five Big Oil giants the past couple years have made, and continue to make, record breaking profits each and every quarter. I mean we are talking tens and tens of billions of dollars. The bill that was presented also allowed for it to be a federal crime to price fix. Now, taking this all in and remember how your stomach churns every time you drive past (or worse yet - pull into to “fill ‘er up”) a gas station and notice the price has gone up another 10 cents a gallon and has now surpassed the $4 mark why the fuck did the stupid ass republicans block this bill? Oh yeah, and this bill would have removed the subsidies that we are STILL giving Big Oil. Why, may I ask, are we still giving Big Oil subsidies when they are making Billions of dollars in profit every three months?

Oh and get this shit—I also just read that the republican’s have ALSO killed a bill that would provide tax incentives for energies that are environmentally friendly. WHAT – THE – FUCK? I do not get it!!!! Am I completely missing something? I would be 100% ok with Big Oil getting away with these profits if they put all, or most, of that money back into renewable energy sources. With billions of dollars, imagine how many wind turbines they could erect. Lets just work this out…so lets say a wind turbine costs $2.5 million (higher than what the Dept. of Energy Estimates) to get into service. Now let’s take the $36 billion that those bastards have made and divide it into that $2.5 million. With those profits and with a wind turbine costing $2.5 million (kind of high, but conservative taking into consideration the cost of GAS to truck that bitch to the site) that would mean that 14,400 wind turbines could be erected in LESS than a year of profits. I know that “wind” is not "Big Oil’s” forte, but we [the US], if we wanted to be, could be the Middle East with Wind Power. We could be driving electric cars and be 100% independent of oil. If we were independent of oil, we could easily have all the national debt paid off, and be the richest country in the world. A few of the European nations (I believe Denmark was one) that made it a goal to be oil-independent is now one of the top 3 richest in the world. BUT, I guess when Big Oil has such an influence on the world financial market it is apparently tough for politicians to think about a greener world and cheaper gas at the pumps versus their local Big Oil buddy giving them cash for keeping things the way they are.

Oh yeah, another thing. This is my prediction for the near future and is only my prediction. This country is going to be in a world of hurt in a year to two years due to the current US economy being in the shitter. I mean we have the highest unemployment in 22 years, gas prices that lead to many people not being able to drive to work, sky-rocketing food prices, and . People’s personal debt is snowballing exponentially because people need to charge things just to afford things we need. I hope to god I am wrong, but I believe within 1 to 2 years Americans are not going to be able to afford to drive at all, will not be able to afford food, and are simply going to be screwed! And 90% is the government and Big Oil’s fault!

So this is another thing that would piss off the general public if everyone knew this, but for years our great government has said inflation has not gone up. This is complete and utter bullshit! If companies and individuals cooked our books the way our government does we would all be in jail soooooo freaking fast! What I am talking about is the fact that the government does not take into consideration the price of “energy” or “food” when figuring inflation rates. Yeah…WTF, right!?!? When the price of my gallon of ice cream goes from $4 to almost $8 or my box of corn flakes going from $3 to $4 in the matter of a year, how can the government really say there is little to no inflation? The oil companies want to blame it on ethanol taking away corn from food production. You know the whole “Food for Fuel” debate, right? That is complete bullshit too! A short time ago that $3 box of Corn Flakes had only 11 cents worth of corn in it. Corn has NOT increased in price as dramatically as Oil. The remaining increase in cost of that, now $4 box of Corn Flakes is transportation and production – both of which require ENERGY. Obviously I am pissed off that the government can say there has been little to no inflation when I KNOW my grocery bill has gone up, yet most of our salaries only go up 2-3%. Interesting isn't it!?!?!? I would like to see the REAL cost of inflation – an inflation index that DOES include both FOOD and ENERGY.